Daeyang Medical will honor the Republic of Korea at the top of the world.

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Since established in September 1970, the company has steadily grown amid rapidly changing domestic and international economic conditions to become a leading general medical device company in Korea. We would like to thank many of our customers and clients for their loyal support.

Dae Yang Medical

Daeyang Medical, a manufacturer of medical and aesthetic devices for more than 40 years, has contributed to boosting the national economy and welfare. We use our accumulated techniques and extensive experience to comply with all aspects of the quality system.
Also, we do our best to make sure that we don’t miss the small customer needs, being sure that we are fully responsible for our products. We are also doing our best to reinvigorate the domestic medical appliance industry and modernize hospital facilities, and we are also making efforts to enhance domestic medical technologies.

Dae Yang Medical

Rather than staying with our achievements, all the members of Daeyang Medical promises to keep moving forward, creating the latest technology with highest quality products, also providing the best service.
We consider each customer’s voice a life-like experience, and we will do our best to ensure each customer is 100% satisfied in any situation.

Furthermore, I will become the best in the world and the pride and joy of all Koreans. We look forward to your continued strong trust and support.

Thank you.

Representative Director of the Ocean’s Healthcare Products Company

Yoon Jung Sub